*Unknown Spiritual Revolution*
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_*Unknown Spiritual Revolution*_
_*15th August 9pm*_
_In this special one hour webinar Shri Viral Manek will be decoding shocking revelations on technologies and transformation that is getting into every aspect of our life._
_And It’s important for us to be aware for our children's sake. These events are giving new ways of perception and revealing the future to us like never known before._
_What is connection between pandemic and consciousness movement that is taking us to the new Spiritual Revolution_
_How health thoughts, feelings, emotions, action, and perception will shift with emergence of 5G in coming years_
_Spiritual revolution is underway that we are unaware about_
 _Shifts in personal growth, relationships, business, profession, and finance will also change beyond our comprehension_
_Shri Viral Manek will reveal how to get ready for upcoming change that we all should know for the survival as we are facing threat to survival as never before_
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