*Gratitude for better health, healing, and well-being*
*Is health your biggest challenge in life?*
*Mavin* invites you to a special program on
*Gratitude for better health, healing, and well-being*
Led by *Sandeep Kumar* Capacity Building and Leadership Trainer
*Discover the Magic of Gratitude in Your Life!*
*Benefits of the program*:
? Learning to be happy and increasing Emotional Intelligence
? Achieving better physical and psychological health.
? Learning to cope with stresses and trauma
?Learning to overcome resentments grudges and forgive for overall well-being
Day: *Saturday*
Date: *12th Sep, 2020*
Time: *3.00pm-4.30pm*
Registration fee: *399/- INR*
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*Gratitude is a must for a successful life and healthy relationships!*
With Gratitude
*Team Mavin Magic*
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