Your Profile – Gateway to promote your business

With 5 years of research,  which included consulting UI / UX specialists, study of various platforms, observing consumer behaviour and focused interactions with many business owners, we present the Rich, Personal Profile.

Your profile is The Gateway to Promote Your Business

and a well done profile can be the reason to get or loose business.

Establish trust with all those who matter to your business

  • Share your verified details
  • One place you can share all your business and professional engagement
  • A place to instill trust in your business community – prospective customers, vendors, partners and all others
  • Single point to lead your prospects to your promotional material

Build Engagement

  • Peer 2 Peer (P2P) messages – leave message for the person whose profile you visit
  • Connection Request – Based on your subscription you may send a connection request
  • Video Profile – Embed a YouTube video to share about yourself more impactfully

Verified Personal and Contact details

Through this section you share details about you, which matter. These details help to build trust in you and allow the reader to consider doing business with you.

  • Your name and photo puts a face to the name
  • Verified email id, mobile number allow the person to believe in your services
  • Links to your social media profiles help others to get connected with you
  • Verified personal Identity – GST No. PAN No and DIN number. A tick shows that your ID has been verified by eGrowth. We do not share your ID with anyone.

Business and Professional Details

In this section you build your professional rapport with the reader. Professional details, Businesses you own, Your credentials, Your associations

  • If you are self employed, you may share your areas of expertize
  • As a business owner you list all the companies you own
  • Share your credentials – Education, Certification, Professional Credentials
  • Your community – List your memberships – Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Associations, Business Networks, Voluntary work you do

Market Yourself

This is where sell yourself harder and guide the visitor to your marketing collateral

  • Articles you have published – This section is linked to all the blogs and articles you have published
  • Events you have listed – This will give the visitor an idea of what you have done in the past
  • Leads – It guides the user to the requirements and offers you have listed in the past. This is an effective way to directly build traction for your business

Spread The Word

People share what they like. If your profile is exciting, your contacts will share it and get you referrals.

  • Ensure you have a catchy headline for yourself. This will ensure people click your profile and read it through
  • Encourage your wellwishers to share your profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp or email
  • The more people know you, the more business you get.
  • Wish you great growth



About eGrowth: We are World’s first BAD Ecosystem (Business Advisory and Business Developmentfor small and growing businesses

With tools like Brand PromotionRequirements (Lead Generation) Personal profileBusiness portraitBlogs, News,(Information Sharing), Chapters, EventsDiscussion ForumReferrals and  Rewards (Business Networking), eGrowth has evolved into an integrated, dynamic ecosystem for entrepreneurs, business owners and start-ups

To augment this we have a large WhatsApp NetworkFacebook Community and LinkedIn community as well

Our networking events  – eGrowth Mixers, PARTY 4 NETWORKING are already talk of the town.

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