When I am coaching on ‘GOALS’ the conversation goes through a journey of SELF DISCOVERY. When navigating through the conversation, there comes a point where one reflects on his ‘SELF BELIEF’.

One of the Pillars of Accomplishing Goals and Dreams is SELF BELIEF

Navigating through the conversation, you may discover YOUR OWN UNIQUE BELIEF IN YOURSELF

One may have BELIEF to achieve the GOALS but the question to ask is ‘ARE YOU REALLY CERTAIN IN YOURSELF’

The difference between BELIEVING AND BEING CERTAIN, is that one delicious tempting cherry on the cake, which tempts the customer so much, that he is compelled to buy the cake

You got to work that extra Mile to get the cherry and place on your cake. Discovering the certainty in yourself is what one should do. Unfortunately there is no benchmark on how certain is certain enough. But each person has his own compass which helps him say – I AM CERTAIN

Interestingly, if you believe in yourself but not certain about yourself, the points to reflect are

  • Is your BELIEF on strong foundation? Or you do believe, but there come some moments when your belief gets weak and gets clouded by some other thought
  • Your BELIEF could get shaken up, when unforeseen data (changed reality/external factor) appears from somewhere to counter your belief

Certainty is incorrigible, no matter what, you do not give up on your GOALS

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