World’s first Business Advisory and Business Development (BAD) Network

What makes eGrowth World’s first BAD (Business Advisory & Business Development) Network.

eGrowth conducted a survey in 2014. We asked the entrepreneurs what are the key areas of concern for their enterprise. The answers could be clubbed into 3 major categories –

Resource Management

Opportunity Mapping


Resource Management – An enterprise is consistently struggling for resources – Man, Money, Machine, Method or Material and the reality is all these are always required for the smooth functioning of a business. This is the domain of Operations Management.

Opportunity Mapping – a.k.a. Business Development – The next big challenge is Business Development. It is all about creating opportunities, getting paying customers and retaining profitable business ongoingly This is the domain of Sales and Marketing.

Innovation – And the 3rd largest challenge is Innovation which eludes the most successful business owners. This is perhaps the most important observation. While Operations and Business Development is about present and past. Innovation drives the enterprise into the future. We may have a glorious past, Innovation ensures a phenomenal future.

As eGrowth we went to the drawing board to design an organization which is innovative, one which is relevant to the enterprises of the future. Some of our observations during the journey were –

  • What got us here will not take us to the future
  • We are living in a connected world and that is how the future is
  • The future enterprises will be interconnected, working in silos is passe’
  • Small and Structured is the growth engine of the future
  • Innovation is the driver, we do not know where to begin
  • You Grow, We Grow (#UGrowWeGrow) is the mantra

With these observations, many more interviews, surveys and studies we realized the sweet spot for eGrowth lies at the centre of Business Advisory,  Business Development and Business Networking. Thus we evolved as world’s first BAD (Business Advisory & Business Development) Networking Platform (#BADNetwork)

The purpose of eGrowth is your growth, We do not grow until you grow so we ensure that you grow. This is as BAD as it can get

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