Why worry about the Customer

How do you know that you extend good customer service??

The answer is very simple, when your customers start to become your ambassadors. When your customers start to share about you as if they are a part of you, your customer service is effective.

My brother’s friend is looking for a new car. My car, Maruti Vitara Brezza  is also in their consideration set. Here is what happened over the weekend-

  • My brother spoke about his experience with Brezza to his friend on the phone
  • The couple was invited to our home
  • They went on a test drive
  • We had a candid discussion over tea at home
  • We shared all the competing models in the market
  • We share their budget and the possible options
  • We also listened to the concerns and utility and gave our candid opinions
  • The Sunday evening was well spent

We gave a thumbs up for our car as we have driven about 60,000 km in about 2 years, have got excellent service from the manufacturer and the service stations. The build quality is value for money and all our concerns are met.

You know it, I have lived out of my car for most part of the last year

Nowhere did it occur that we are ‘selling a Maruti Brezza’ In fact we did most of what a Maruti Sales Partner would have done to get that sale. Alas, Maruti does not even know about it:)

This is what excellent customer service can do for your business.

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