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Have you wondered why mentoring deralied despite you & team putting all your passion, drive, efforts & involvement. In my experience, you missed key process steps, & it became another fancy initiative. Key missing links


  1. PURPOSE -Imagine you are climbing a strong ladder, but leaning on a wrong wall. What is the unique purpose of mentoring for YOUR organization. What is the ideal objective & end result to achieve?
  2. TRAINING -Are your mentors/mentees familiar what &how of mentoring. Both develop strong relationship. Mentor may, overstep the boundary of his role to help mentee. Leading to dependency in the mentee rather than equipping him.
  3. OWNERSHIP -HR is a facilitator, with 3 main roles – 1st- check seamlessness of process; 2nd Timely & Relevant communication 3rd – measurement ROI
  4. MEASUREMENT- Identify, best suited tool to measure the objective of mentoring. Run the tool at pre & post process stage to know the value added in NUMBERS.
  5. Don’t sell the process. Selling is a PUSH. Instead show the value, one can get from it


What else in your opinion can be derailers of Mentoring


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