Why are HR processes and polices not completely followed in the organization?
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 190Category: Learning & Development.(0)

Do you know, why most of the HR policies and processes are not followed by employees? It could be due to

– The HR policies and processes end up being a jargon and require effort to follow. Losing the objective of the policy

– What is practiced is far different from what is defined.

– The organization is market-driven. The environment is changing, and so has the organization’s mission shifted. Though the employee processes and policies may be one of the best, but cannot adapt themselves to be in pace with the environment.

– The belief set of employees varies industry-wise. So seemingly best HR practices are not in synergy with the employee belief patterns and your industry.

– Each organization has a life cycle. The organization which is in early infancy stage may require higher managerial involvement of establishing the base and thus will need to be flexible in its approach to employees, than a mature, established the fully structured organization.

– Organization Cultures are different. An organization wants performance-driven culture and other companies in the same industry value Loyalty or Innovations and is thus tolerant of risk. What the two organizations will measure and reward is totally different.

– How the context (WHY of the policy ) of the policy/process has been communicated also determines the acceptability of the process and policy.

Create Synergy and define your employee policies and processes based upon your hierarchal structure, Culture, Organization Life stage, and Pace of market changes.

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