Divya-Nagpal 14th September 2020 173Category: Learning & Development.(0)

Many ENTREPRENEURS and LEADERS struggle with a dilemma

–         How do I assess the capability of employee and get best from him

–         The results employee is producing, is either not exactly I had asked for or not enough.

–         How do I conduct myself as a leader to get enhanced results for organization.

–         Am I too dominant, or lenient, and what is the ideal way of conducting oneself with employees, to help drive results

While Situational leadership is important, the leader’s actions are often trials and tests, if not supported by a structured and scientific assessment of their leadership. There are different assessments, how to then chose, one which is most appropriate. Here are details of 3 assessments, which I feel can support in enhancing the leader’s capability

To answer the dilemma of getting the best, the some of the tests are –

–         DISC – Focuses on your and employee’s behavioral style. It indicates the employee’s predominant disposition to know, how the person will react under stress, and gives you insight on the conversation style one should have with a type, such as to expand your influence or convert and give a positive direction to conflict.

–         GALLUP STRENGTH FINDER – Indicates the key strengths and blind spots of the leader. Thus highlighting what the employee should focus on enhances her potential. It Suggests your strengths to gain most out of leadership, handle conflict, enhance your capability. How you should deal with your team.

–         MLEI – while many assessments assess leaders on disposition, behavioral bent, MLEI focuses deeper – on inner core (thoughts, beliefs, Self concept) which is a driver to your behaviors and actions and results. The principals with which MLEI operates are

o  Your thoughts, determine your emotions, Emotions drive your behavior and behavior determines your actions. MLEI assesses your inner core (thoughts, values, and behaviors). Thus helping you work on your strengths

o  MLEI believes that leadership is a function of leadership traits, but more importantly it is a function of the maturity of those traits in you. Your results depend upon how maturely or immaturely you handle your traits. So it measures, not only, to what extent you have a trait/ type but also how mature you are in the type. You may be a strong perfectionist, but if, one is not using the perfectionist trait maturely, it is a double whammy on the person and the result he produces for the organization.

o  Knowing is not enough. It identifies for you simple, actionable tips and recommendations, which have high and measurable impact on your results. Helps you increase your influence on people, strategic decision making, Conflicts etc. It enhances your capability to perform and in turn enhances your team’s capability.

o  When MLEI is applied with MATTONE COACHING PROCESS, one can measure the ROI of coaching

The KEY FACTORS in SELECTING the best assessment for yourself, is the

–         CONTEXT – This is the playing field, wherein you decide which game you got to play. What do you really want to achieve through your assessment

–         RESULT DRIVEN – The role of an assessment is incomplete, if does not conclude into result that you want in yourself and in the organization.

–         IMPLEMENTABLE – Does the assessment report give you broad strategic view, or does it simplify it into workable and implementable actions, which, once you bring those actions, in your day to day work and personal life, the results are multi-fold.

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