When will Industry open?
MV-Narayan 30th April 2020 890Category: Commentary.(0)

Mr Narayan Murthy, in today’s news, has commented that Industry should open immediately , else many companies will close down.

There is truth in this statement as most SMEs have probably, no cash. They are dependent on banks for loans and banks have typical criteria to extend credit. In fact, most cheques issued  have bounced , creating credibility and legal issues.

Unless Govt. provides stimulus , there is no interest for SMEs to get back into action. People will loose jobs as well as die of hunger ,which will be much more than the deaths ,due to virus.This is already happening.

Once the lockdown is removed, one can imagine the rush of people, to get to work. I think that Govt should stagger the movements , based on age.  Like age 20-55 can move around, with social distancing norms while people of ages above 55, should restrict their movements, till the number of cases subside or at least till September.

Lets wait and watch


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