What are the real challenges you face in Canada as a new Permanent Resident?

There are always challenges when you move to a new country.

I remember taking my time to adjust in the US when I had multiple stints there. Canada is no different. It offers the best of the developed world and lifestyle we care about and yet it has numerous challenges for a new comer.

One has to have the basics worked out when they come to Canada.

A) You will face hardship for 1–2 years.

B) You will take time to adjust to the country, culture and climate. If you have kids, expect them to be cranky at the start.

C) Keep your ego out of the way. You are here in Canada for settlement, this is your new home. Getting along well with people especially neighbors is a huge plus.

D) Canadians are welcoming, the government wants to support your transition. It is just a matter of time.

E) Take a job! whatever you get at the first. Then be smart enough to keep looking for work in your domain and network extensively.


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