This weird title stands for the value system of eGrowth Business Networks.

WE stands for World-class Entrepreneurs. eGrowth is an ecosystem for the growth of world class enterprises. Let us take a moment to decipher world class.

  • World class stands for the best possible quality
  • A product or service you do not have to be sorry for
  • One which delivers 20 times the value what the customer pays for
  • The customer definitely gets what he paid for
  • S/he also gets what did not pay for
  • And also gets what s/he aspires for

LISTENING is a faculty of living beings wherein they are able to recognize sound and make meaning out of it. At eGrowth we have built further on this to make it more meaningful.

LISTEN is an acronym for –

  • Love
  • Inspiration
  • Support
  • Trust
  • Empowerment
  • Nurturing

LOVE: A worldclass enterprise is grounded in Love and Affection. There is a sense of belonging to the planet, other living beings as well as non living beings

INSPIRATION: The word Inspiration means to be mentally stimulated to do something. It means put life into what you do.

SUPPORT: A worldclass entrepreneur stands as a support for all stakeholders, As they say what goes around, comes around, so the support given comes back multiple fold

TRUST: One of the most potent values of eGrowth is Trust. Trust brings in transparency, reliability, strength and thus helps build robust businesses

EMPOWERMENT: A high growth business relies on an excellent team. and a team can perform if everyone is empowered to take actions for growth

NURTURING: Some of the best success stories on this planet came because they got excellent mentors and coaches who nurtured their skills and helped to kill the bottlenecks.

Having World-class Entrepreneurs on board, augmented with an excellent value system the results have to be awesome.

The ourcome at eGrowth is

COLLABORATION: It takes a big heart to collaborate with others. The dividends of collaboration are also awesome

EXCELLENCE: The journey to make the next move comes from excellence in what you do. This in turn has 4 pillars – Networking, Sales, Resources and Learning

OPPORTUNITIES: The larger opportunities which are otherwise elusive unfold as we continue on the journey of exponential growth.

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