Mr. Atul Puri 4th August 2019 201Category: Atul's Diary. ()

Many of you would have come across a term called VUCA, used to define the current times –


This is very true, we are living in times which are very different from the times we grew in. So today I thought about what can be an antidote for the VUCA world and I came across another VUCA which I am sharing here –

VALUE – The people have become very demanding today, unlike yesteryears. Here what works is how much value addition are we doing in our offering. The Black and Yellow cabs in Delhi gave way to Radio cabs as the new generation cabs provide more value – tangible and intangible.

UNDERSTANDING – We grew up wearing the clothes form our siblings or cousins, at times our parents. Today we cannot think of doing such stuff with our kids as they have a sense of self worth and are not OK to use things they do not like. Such is the case with our customers as well. They want the service the way they want, no other way

CLARITY – One of the resolutions of VUCA world is having absolute clarity in the deliverables – What is included and what is not included. Chalta hai is not acceptable any more

AFFINITY – Affection is a key binding force today. As we evolve we have got present to this. This is the reason for people getting into depression or such states … because they are not OK with anything being doled to them. so pyar baantte chalo

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