Unleashing Your Internal Power
MONIKA SOLANKI 31st January 2019 739Category: Learning & Development.(0)

Life is a great blessing– if one treats it like that and enjoy the small and simple moments. We are often hypnotized by external power and flattery around us…only to halt and realign our priorities..to enable us to strengthen deep inside.

I have always reinforced this point in my programmes that external power is temporary and will keep you in a momentum to chase it. While internal power is permanent and it grows as you grow internally. It will help you to become a magnet of good thoughts; magnet of great opportunities, people, resources and ideas. External Power creates fear; while internal power emanates peace and wisdom besides creativity and strong intuition.

Life will keep throwing its challenges one after the another. Being Internally strong will enable you to effectively carry the load. Lets say you are 50 kg in weight(internally) and you feel that the challenges in your life weighs 60 Kg. Once you reclaim your internal power; challenges will remain 60 Kg. However, you will feel weighing  90 Kg internally. That means..more power and grace to handle the conflicts and challenges in life. Troubles will no more affect you deeply but will appear like a minor speedbreaker..because now you have learnt to harness your Internal Power.

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