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Uniview Cameras have many features which help to have a clear view , save in storage , works on different temp , have edge based analytics

Starlight – Uniview 1080P starlight camera provides crisp color image even under 0.002 Lux (F1.2) low light condition.

Long-Range POE – 928 ft – Even though the camera’s location is hundreds of feet away from NVR, you can still easily connect cameras directly to NVR for both power supply and video streaming because UNV NVR supports up to 928 Ft long rang PoE. It helps to make your store under protection 24/7 with only a few steps during installation.

U.265 Compression – By combining U-Code and H.265, Ultra 265 can squeeze up to 95% bandwidth and storage space.Unlike conventional video compression technologies which tries to reduce storage costs by sacrificing resolution and frame rate indiscriminately, U-Code chooses to use “IRP” (Intelligent Region Perception) to detect motion in each frame. Hence, scenes containing interesting information could be preserved while the other relatively static area such as lawns, white walls could be squeezed to save storage.

Ultra 265 Real-time Recording and Playback:

It’s Ultra 265 compression greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising the image quality (compared to other compression standards, such as H.265 & H.264). Ultra 265 is a stable, proven compression technology, which offers unbeatable recording picture quality while at the same time saving you up to 75% in storage and bandwidth costs

Wide Temperature Range – Uniview’ s cameras can function well under -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ , adapting to all harsh environment condition.

Trip Wire – Create a Virtual Tripwire similar to those you see in Hollywood films. However, these criminals cannot dodge the power of Uniview!

You can also set the direction of which the Trip Wire will be activated For example, if people are only supposed to be leaving one direction and someone decides to go back you will be notified since they are going the wrong direction.

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