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There has been lot of discussion going on as to how to cope up with the lockdown during COVID 19.

Each one of us have got a lot of time to reflect and introspect ourselves during this time.Also a lot of images have been floating on what’s app asking people to go within.So let us take this further.

Once this lockdown is over and we get back in the hustle bustle of our daily chores and life, let us take a pause and reflect on what we learned from it.

Everyone will have some or the other take away from this lockdown. But is that enough unless we take our learnings further and implement them in our daily life. What is the point of being a part of plant a tree drive where you just plant a sapling and not take the responsibility of nurturing it or watering it further till it grows into a plant!

Similarly, what’s the point in discussing what we learned amidst this phase if we don’t take enough responsibility and implement it in our life’s for a better version of self.

Here are few suggestions that I could think of-

1. Environment- What if we continue to nurture our plants, do terrace gardening, use bins on roads or shopping areas for throwing garbage, keep our water bodies clean , use our own jute or cloth bags for buying vegetables and fruits, go ahead using public transport and pool in.

2. Compassion- Before we plunge into the whirlpool of our daily life, let us ensure that we take out quality time for our family at home, be compassionate towards our helpers and manpower. Appreciate them for what ever bit they do for us, keep giving our blessings to doctors, police, nurses and others who have been working selflessly for us and will still do it in future and not nag with them about their fee they charge for the services they provide.Let us continue donating things either in cash or kind and make it a habit, it doesn’t matter even if it’s once or twice a year. Continue to make a call to our near and dear one’s as a regular practice whom we especially called during the lockdown and had forgotten about them otherwise.

3. Exercise- During this lock down we realized how much we missed our regular routine, gym and our walks. Inspite of having our hands full we are making sure that we take out some time for yoga, breathing exercises etc at home. Why not continue with it when we will have more time for ourselves, for our own health benefit and not out of some pressure or fear.

4. Introspect and improve- During this time we got a lot of time to realize the importance of small things which were insignificant otherwise. So let’s take out a day once in a fortnight to reflect on ourselves, work on our irrational thinking and behavior and spread happiness.

5. No wastage pledge- During this time we used the food grains and other materials at home wisely, so that we do not waste and survive the lockdown. Incase by any chance we have been casual about things earlier this is the best time to reflect and work on it. So that we don’t waste our resourses, food and other things and take them for granted.Lets buy only what is required.

6. Made in India- Many business are hit and business men need time to bounce back. Economy is effected at large. Let’s support them by buying products made in India, let’s not get tempted by brand’s etc. After all we would have learned self control by then.

You just need to take out five to ten minutes of your time NOW and make your list of things that you can choose from each category to make a difference in your life and take it further and stick to it, no matter what tempatations come your way. Hence one transformation will lead to another forming a huge human chain of a transformed society and of course a transformed India.

All the best ! I am going now to do my bit, what about you?

Dr. Kirti Bajpai
Psychologist Counselor

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