The Business Relationships We Cultivate

In the article published yesterday we promised that we will come back with some stories how eGrowth members have got impacted due to great customer service. We have listed here some responses.

Vandana Batra, CEO, Fairy Tales Creation, Noida. An entrepreneur by choice, costume and jewelry designer by passion.

customer delight is the corner stone of our business

If your customer is happy, you are in business. I have been running my business for 15 years and I have never spent any money on advertising or marketing. All my customers come from word of mouth.

APJ School Noida was among our first few customers when we started 15 years back. They have been a repeat and big customer for us so many years later.

Yogi Udgire, Director Institute of Digital Marketing, Thane. A serial entrepreneur by profession, educationist by choice

I used to travel 30 km to deliver a session at 7:00 am on weekends

We realized Digital Marketing was a game changer way before it was fashionable to be on the internet. During this journey, a renowned management institute wanted to launch a course in Digital Marketing  Management. They were looking for a person who could deliver a program such that the students had critical skills in digital marketing, International Certification and finally got placed in their dream jobs.

During the semester I taught 8 subjects, on the weekends between 7  – 11 am while I had a business to run. The impact is I have an awesome relationship with the management institute, the word went viral and I have been getting opportunities to talk across India on regular basis.

Another case wa working with an NSE listed company which was challenged with B2B lead generation and Branding for their services. Our team worked with them and went beyond our contract to research the industry, competition and end users to give them the results. Today 5 years later they have a global footprint.

Lion Amir Virani, Founder & CEO Cynergi Business Clinic, Mumbai. A serial entrepreneur by profession, a philanthropist by heart

Committed to be a part of the solution everytime, on time

I realized that the entrepreneurs are always challenged and most often they get stressed for things which have an easy solution. I chose to work for providing this solution. Every time a customer has come back and shared his story, it has given me the energy to move further. Here are some testimonials form our customers –

It’s really nice to work with your software & we are getting very good support from Sales & support prospective.

Even software feedback from our user also very good.

Keep it up.” – Seema Tawde from K Raheja Corp


“I had approached TaxGuru for GST filing of my Proprietary firm. They have very quick    response times and they provided me all the support I required for GST Filing. They have an excellent customer service & support team who guides you at every step. I would strongly recommend TaxGuru as one of the most customer friendly companies in the market.”  – Zarina Aslam Shaikh


“I have been associated with Amir since 2015. They were always there to guide me and resolve any queries that I had. Their customer service & support staff is very courteous and have a thorough knowledge about their domain. The major thing that differentiates them from any other service provider is that they treat their customers well and are patient in helping the customer even with the smallest of doubts that they might have. All in all a great product backed by excellent service. I have purchased Class 2 + Class 3 + Document Signer 2015.” – Sachin Pawar, NCML


“I had approached Cynergi Hub for designing of the logo, ROC & Trademark registration for my company The Tamarind Leaf. At each phase they have understood the requirements I had and provided me with multiple options especially when they were designing the logo. They are very professional in their approach & their team is extremely supportive and pay great attention to detail. I am really happy with the end product and very satisfied with my association with them.” – Sudha Nair, The Tamarind Leaf

These are the kind of relationships we cultivate at eGrowth such that your business grows.

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