Divya-Nagpal 7th April 2020 278Category: Learning & Development.(0)

In your childhood, you would have heard many stories. I also did. Remember the days, when we were small, we are sitting next to our parent or grandparent and they are patiently and with love narrating a story. The story is ending with morale. And they are repeating the morale of the story, for us to learn.

One such story was “The Hare and The Tortoise”. In the current times, there is no story which is as relevant as this one.

When there is a general feeling of Life being stationary, all things around us are on standstill. There is no other story as relevant as this one.

Later when markets open up, work is restored and people will start moving. Each individual will have his unique experience of her or his work place. People, who will be on top of their work, then, would be the ones who are the TORTOISE, who are working when others stopped their work, during standstill.

To be in command of your tomorrow, take daily steps, towards your goals, each day. Relook at your goals, plan your actions and take steps. The paths and activities to reach your goal may be different, but the goal remains the same. You may work on ‘deepening your relationship with your customers’, ‘increasing your reach’, or ‘building your brand’, creating daily goals for your passion. Keep taking daily actions.

Be the TORTOISE and you will win the race!!!

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