The eGrowth Framework

eGrowth is a journey to crack the DNA for exponential growth in business. It started with interviews, surveys and conversations with businessmen to explore what are their pain points. Today we are world’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Business Development) Networking Platform

Like any other journey eGrowth started with packing the luggage. The luggage consists of The Essentials (basics), The Suits (daily wear), The Gifts and Giveaways and the Premium Collection

Today we will share what consists of our luggage a.k.a The eGrowth Framework. Since it is a piece of art, it is consistently evolving.

The Essentials

The building blocks of eGrowth are 3 words – COLLABORATION, EXCELLENCE & OPPORTUNITIES

  • Collaboration – In a world where the children are groomed to compete, collaboration is a big miss. We are committed to empower our entrepreneurs to explore the power of coming together.  This allows to create hugely successful teams, this enables some of the largest corporations become from Good to Great. We are creating a community for business where contribution comes before seeking
  • Excellence – Stephen R Covey wrote about Sharpening the Saw as the 7th Habit of highly effective people. Excellence is all about this habit. At eGrowth we focus on the essentials to take your business to the next level – Networking, Information, Technology or Training
  • Opportunities  – The purpose of a business is to make money – we would have heard this many a times. At eGrowth we are present to this and so all our actions are aligned to create opportunities for your business. We go to the extend that the tides are turned and opportunities start to follow you

The Suits

To cause exponential growth we use many tools in the daily routine –

  • The Portal – is the address of eGrowth Business Networks. We look at 360 degree of how to promote your business through this platform.
  • The Social Media Network  – At eGrowth we say that you continue to work the way you have been working, you use the tools you have been using and we will support you there. To keep our word we are present on popular social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube  to fulfill our promise to bring business networking close to you
  • The Meetings – We keep on creating occasions to meet in person where ever possible, when ever possible. Our flagship initiative is eGrowth Mixers. These are the bedrock of Business Network. These are the most sustainable way or remaining in touch. We also organize trainings, workshops, conferences and also participate in trade shows to help you promote your business

The Gifts & Giveaways

The Premium Collection

If you want to reap the benefits of this exciting platform, do write to us.

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