The Dilemma CEO face on ROI of HR Processes and Systems
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 205Category: Learning & Development.(0)

As a CEO or business owner, have you, despite implementing the best of the HR Policies and Processes in the organization, not getting the results in the manner you desired.

It is often seen that the HR policies, processes or systems installed in the company are either

– not followed by employees universally

– are followed by the employee, however, do not yield the desired result or do not impact the work in the desired manner.

At times, despite implementing the best industry HR practice, either effort or time or money is wasted. In the end, all such wastage brings down to work efficiency. And brings down Employee Effectiveness and Efficiency.

For any employee (HR) policy / process / system to be effective and efficient, only automation, or only culture-fit or only industry-fit is not enough. The HR policies and processes are impactful when both policies and processes are in synergy with

1. People – The policy is focused on people’s needs and employee difficulties in the performance of the tasks. Prior to designing the policy the answers one needs to have are –

i) how people groups (task forces, departments, focus groups ) relate to each other

ii) how employee relates to another employee

ii) The type of conversations the people have with each other.

iii) The trust and dependency levels.

2. SELF – The points to consider before finalizing the HR policy and process is ” what would be the level of acceptability of the process by an employee?”

Get answers to ‘What are the thoughts the employee holds about himself in respect

i) to his role, work, capability, fear, self-doubt

ii) His relation to success and failures

iii) Employee biases.

3. Environment – And last but not the least, re-look at

i) The existing culture of the organization

ii) The existing stage of the organizational life cycle.

ii) The VUCA environment

iv) The Automation level and its acceptability in the organization

Effective HR policies and processes are ones which have synergy with People, Self, and Environment

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