Tech Thursday: Here’s how saving time can lead to increased life satisfaction
Amir -Virani 15th May 2019 46Category: Legal, Technology

Why is time such a precious commodity, both for individuals and for companies?

At an individual level, saving time and using it productively means that we are able to do things that can make us happy, improve our lives, relationships and even our careers.

For organisations, time is equally – if not more – precious, because wasted time can:

Cause inefficient operations and processes
Cause employee burnout and affect their productivity
Increase business costs and decrease profits
Nuance offers a number of powerful business software solutions that enable employees to automate tasks such as transcription and documentation so they can focus on more strategic (and profitable!) client- or customer-oriented activities. Thus, companies are able to save time, increase productivity across the board and improve employee satisfaction and engagement. In the long term, all of this translates into happier employees, happier clients and increased profits.

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For this post, we would like to thank Nuance and their article Turning time-savings into professional and personal satisfaction, published here on 7th May 2019.


Turning time-savings into professional and personal satisfaction

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