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Born , brought up and educated in the capital , I GRADUATED FROM THE University of Delhi, in Bachelors of Commerce . Back then, like most university kids I lacked clear focus and vision  of what I wanted to do .. After trying myself in different professions like tourism, hotel industry with little interest in any, I decided to study further in the pursuit of finding purpose.

My best friend , my now life partner and soul mate ,  played a vital role in subtly leading me to my career now .

In the year 1995 , I went on to pursue Masters in International Business .. the entire programme was packaged in a way that I was convinced that I was the next big thing on the International Business scene . I specialized in sourcing, merchandising, export management  .

As an internee I had humble beginnings in one of leading HK based multinational, William E Connor & Associates . The journey gave me great learning opportunities , exposure and know how of the sourcing business   .

By now I was in love with my job , because it involved creating new products , understanding what goes into the manufacturing from samples to final production, costing, quality and delivery . My job involved my favourite hobbies of travel , meeting people and understanding what goes behind minds , desks and building strengths from there .

It was now time to move onto the next phase of life .. And take a decision..   was not considered very wise when I decided on the BIG M .. Marry n Move to Moradabad .. my own family believed it was the The End of a booming career . Back in the day it was not only an unknown territory, but a male dominated one too .

I catered to my now partner cum client Dymak for 5 years as a Buying Agent before they chose me to be their partner in India . My only MOTTO in this industry is TRANSPARENCY and EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION at both ends  . I strongly feel that the longevity to any career span lies in a FAIR business practice .

I must have done something right , with all my soul that my now partners  , chose me to be not only their Liaison partner in India but also a stake holder in their business .

This to me is my truest achievement .

Time management amidst family goals , client satisfaction,  travels and crisis management remains the biggest challenge . Today a typical day at work constitutes of projects , samples , vendor meetings , deadlines , follow ups etc .

The best part of my job is balancing act ,of the multiple roles we play

  • between the expectations of the clients and the reality of manufacturing ..
  • convincing the clients that India is capable , whilst motivating the vendor that he too is capable of a lot more .
  • acceptance that things will go wrong , but I will be there to work round the clock and effective changes ..

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my job , starting from communication with clients and understanding their requirements .. creating the product that they visualised . The biggest high is to get acclaimed with a J for a product visualised by someone else , but created by us .

Making that product featured , saleable and production friendly and finally reaching it out to the end customer … Each phase has a story of its own to tell as the next page unfolds …

To all the women out there , believe in what you do and all your weaknesses will turn into strengths ..

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