Success with Contentment
MONIKA SOLANKI 12th June 2018 788Category: Learning & Development.(0)

Success is a mystic term-often misleading people with the possession of external things. It is true that many people define success with their financial assets. However, if this was true; all the people with fat bank balance would be happier throughout their life time.

So what is Success?

Success is a journey – a path; where one keeps walking and becomes what he/she is intended to, after realising and utilizing the true inner potential. Success without contentment is a failure.You would have noticed so many bollywood celebrities enjoyed stardom in their peak period and get washed out years later. Many are not able to manage their mental set-up after witnessing a huge success.Why is it so? People come and go but one with the utmost balanced emotional state survives with contentment and satisfaction. As he is aware that he has utilised his true potential and given his best for others. A true successful life encompasses a fine balance between Health, Career, Finances, Relationship and Giving back to society.

Your current parameter of success lies in cumulative scoring of all these areas. Lets say if one is doing very well in Career but poor in you think he/she is successful in life?

Unfortunately most of the people blame their external surroundings, situations, people for the cause of not being successful in their life. “My business partner ruined it all”,”My father didn’t allow me to act”, “I am unsuccessful because my spouse did not support.”

Blaming other people, situations brings about only unproductivity. While taking 100% responsibility of self paves a new path to success wherein each of one’s actions is one’s responsibility. All the focus and energy goes in building up and achieving goals. Taking 100% responsibility is not easy to practice as we have been conditioned to blame someone for our failures. But lets initiate today by taking responsibility of how we respond to any external event. This is in our hands. And it can surely transform the way we act!!

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