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Shruti-Agarwal 17th December 2018 415Category: Startups.(0)

“Teach yourself whatever, whenever, and from wherever just to sharpen the blade”

The beginning as an amateur in the market teaches a lot, after that chapter of life you go to the next chapter that is to make your startup better and for that you need to keep yourself updated all the time.

Business magazines do not only include inspirational stories but also includes various news, articles, facts, figures, concepts,  terminologies and updates of several other business prevailing.

Your interest in articles and affection with general knowledge are the things which will always attract you to this library of comprehension.

This world of diverse interests brings different categories on business magazines, On a scale these magazines are categorised into 6 major topics mainly :

  1. FINANCE: The volume for those developing financial knowledge and those who love to play in the stock market. Includes magazines like FORBES, FORTUNE, etc.
  2. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: The volume for those interested in international market and global acceptance of business. Includes magazines like The Economist, Americas Quarterly, etc.
  3. MANAGEMENT: The volume for those experts in management stream and interest holders to trends of several globalisation. Includes Fast Company, U.S.BANKER, and many more.
  4. MARKETING AND SALES: The most read category with topics for those individuals captured with the prevailing market. Includes ADWEEK, Internet Retailer, etc.
  1. REAL ESTATE: The category which never lead the reader to stay apart, inclusive of topics of basic properties and arenas prevailing. Top sellers includes Architectural Digest, Fine Homebuilding and many more.
  1. SMALL BUSINESS: The most inspirational digest inspiring many startups and entrepreneurs to come and conquer the Includes WIRED, ENTREPRENEUR, Inc., etc.

Choose your category of interest and remain updated, and now let me keep the list of most bought magazines which could definitely ignite your cause.

  • FORBES: Beholding the major category of FINANCE, this magazine is the top grossing American business magazine.
  • BLOOMBERG BUSINESS WEEK: The every day journal of the prevailing stock, best of MARKETING AND SALES.
  • WIRED: The content holder of SMALL BUSINESS, counts as the most powerful in technical aspect.
  • ENTREPRENEUR: The book of SMALL BUSINESS, educating from basic to the professional lifestyle.
  • FORTUNE: The book of FINANCE known for the content of influential companies worldwide.
  • Inc: Journal holding the moto to teach to grow and improve skills to every entrepreneur, a major blast of SMALL BUSINESS.
  • THE ECONOMIST: The book of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS teaching the global economy to the world.

The list to these magazines will never end but still let me know in the comments section below, your personal favourite and what you like the most about them.

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