Start-up failure is an experience or a fiasco
Shruti-Agarwal 19th October 2018 534Category: Entrepreneurship.(0)

No pain goes in vain! Although not every failure is a stepping stone to success, it is definitely a learning experience.

Every year 9 out of 10 start-ups fail, probably due to lack of resources, guidance, no funding back-up, reckless spending on promotions instead on Research and Development for the product.

Failing is not the end of your journey, you can bounce back with a better action plan to capture the market share. Networking and optimizing your available resources are the two most worthwhile things that even a failed start-up will definitely teach you.

For every start-up to reach its zenith takes its own pace, start-up ecosystems are the best places to learn, grow and evolve your personal skills.

It not only ads to your resume but also your life!

Fiascoes are though not a myth, it highly depends on who is your advisor, a buddy to assist you.

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