Spirituality Competency by Capt Ajay Achuthan, MD Synergistic Solutions
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We all live in an age of Automation. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, are the big software and hardware redefining markets and risks and opportunities and replacing humanware. But can Human ware be totally replaced? Or is it that they have to acquire evolving competencies.

What are the human competencies required as Cars and Ships go “Manless”? So how does a human being role change with such automation? So why have Flights not gone totally automatic?

97 percent of the flying duration on long hauls are controlled by automation and only 3 percent of the time human intervention is considered necessary, if the pre determined data do not change.

So how is the ever increasing automation related to Spiritual Competency?
Well the automatic cars have only 2 things i.e. the Brake and the Accelerator and the gears are
adjusted automatically as per speed while a Ship or a Plan cannot be “braked” to a halt. They have momentum. A ship designer who hasn’t ever sailed in command, may automatically try to stop a ship on sensing a danger ahead, whilst an experienced Caption would increase the speed if possible and turn hard to Starboard (Right side of a Ship) to avoid the danger.

In the same way our life is an Auto Car that keeps moving. In our case Spirituality plays the role of

the Brake or an anchor, whilst Competency plays the role of the Accelerator.
You may ask how is that isn’t it?

What is Competency?

Competencies in the corporate world refers to the Humanware and defines the right attitude, skills and underpinning knowledge which can enable us to accelerate activities, tasks and functions at our work place. These could be functional or Behavioural.
Competencies keep changing over a period of time basis the technology (both Hardware and software) and the changing policies externally in the world or internally within the company.

What is Spirituality? Spirituality in our corporate world, as defined by Synergistic Solutions, is the process of looking within during a decision making process.
Spirituality Competency comprises Behavioural Competencies.

Some Examples of Spirituality Competencies can be Some Examples of Spirituality Competencies can be

  • Being a Possibilitarian whilst being on purpose
  • Listening for Concerns and Creation
  • Focussing within on problems and creating opportunities
  • Mindfulness for Chronic Unease and prevention of Risk normalisation
  • Resilience or the ability to bounce back, during the downward path
  • Reflective Learning ongoing
  • Effective Communication Skills based on a functional  top down approach
  • Spirituality Management encompassing Primary and Secondary skills
  • Being Responsibility, Integrity and Generosity
  • Accessing Intuition and Intuition based Decision making

Companies are working very hard these days all around the world to develop competencies of their
workforce through trainings which are functional or behavioural in nature to ensure they perform

Some Myths about SpiritualitySome Myths about Spirituality

  • Spirituality is difficult to follow
  • People take advantage of Spiritual People
  • Spirituality is for old people
  • Spirituality binds you in a religion

I can agree that Spirituality is difficult to follow but Spirituality is not DON you see. Like the dialogue I can agree that Spirituality is difficult to follow but Spirituality is not DON you see. Like the dialogue said in the Bollywood movie DON “It’s not only difficult but impossible to catch DON”Spirituality is difficult to master but not impossible. It just requires experimentation in day to day life. Challenges in Spirituality

  • We have to leave the Blame Game and move on to being Generative
  • We  have to take responsibility of your actions
  • We have to transform or  fight hard with your old habits
  • We have to expand the  horizon of your family (World is one Family)
  • We have to keep being possibility
  • We need to have faith in your SELF and the supreme Intelligence
  • We have to recharge and bounce back  all the time
  • We require Simplicity

Sounds tough, isn’t it? Its SIMPLE but not EASY

Spirituality and Yoga

Spirituality and Yoga are inter related as Yoga of the Body, Mind and Intellect gives access to Spirituality. Yoga is the only known technology which helps us move from an outside-in Sensual world to and inside-out world of Intuition based decision making.

Let’s look at a Situation

Your boss is shouting at you loudly in front of people and it’s quite humiliating. Many times the power of yoga practices are misunderstood. Now if you only practice yoga, then it will impact you because your mind is calm only when you breathe deep in and out and you can’t do that in front of your boss that time.If we practice Spirituality yoga, which works on Body, mind and intellect levels i.e. spending time with ourselves  in silence earlier and looking at our reactions to every action,  we will then be able to see ourselves as cause in the matter of the boss shouting. This will manifest our behaviour as a calm person who can listen. The boss concern disappears. In fact there is no Boss. There is organisational commitment from the boss that manifests.Some Tips to enhance the Spiritual Practice

  • Practice Namaste- or I see and respect the Spirituality in the other  while reminding ourselves that we are spiritual beings
  • Carry out Breathing exercises consciously
  • Spend at least 10 minutes with ourselves before sleeping
  • Wake up and while sitting on the bed speak some positive affirmations to yourself
  • Start the day by reading or watching something spiritual or motivational first
  • Read the newspaper only for gaining relevant information for you
  • Eat food in silence as much as possible
  • Take a walk in the nature being silent
  • Use a Life Coach to deal with Breakdowns

Spirituality is eternal. In our present life it is applicable for all age groups between life to death. A Spiritual person can deal with life’s challenges 10 times better than a person with sensual perception and understanding.

We are all SPIRIT U AL which seems to be an acronym for

Spirit (Soul)s with Human experiences.

Understanding (or Standing under a purpose) in life is important.

Al is shortened for of ALL,

Signifying U ALL are SPIRITS

The highlighted words form the Acronym SPIRITUAL!!

Namaste  or I RESPECT THE SPIRIT IN YOU, leads to living a life full of gratitude.

Do share your views on what do you think about this initiative from Synergistic Solutions?

To learn how to inculcate spirituality in our daily lives and Business environment contact Synergistic Solutions www.synergisticsolutions.co. and Capt Ajay Achuthan on 9820302453

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