Social Responsibility

We (EBN Learning Private Limited) are world’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Business Development) Network. We are an integrated, dynamic ecosystem for Entrepreneurs, Business and Start-Ups. Over the years our reach has grown to over 9000 entrepreneurs across 80+ cities in India and abroad.

A business exists to create value for the society

Very often we collapse ‘value’ with ‘money’ At eGrowth we are conscious of the fact that we are custodians of this planet, which belongs to the next generation. With this thought we engage with organizations who are doing good work in this space and enroll eGrowth members to participate in the mission.

Some ares of interest are –

Green Technology

  • Solar Energy, Water Harvesting, Waste Management & STP. With depleting non replenish-able resources, it is the call of the hour to Go Green. We are doing our bit to get the Solution providers onboard.

Women Empowerment

  • We support Women empowerment. as of now we have dedicated WhatsApp groups for women entrepreneurs. We published over 50 stories from Women Entrepreneurs under the campaign My Journey in 2018

Supporting the Aged

  • The aged need their due for what they created for the upcoming generations. We are committed to this cause and are doing our bit

Our endeavour is to constantly add value to your business. We get our hands dirty so that you can spend some extra quality time with your family

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