SIGNER DIGITAL – The Only Fully Automated On Demand Real Time/Monitored Digital Document Signing System You Will Ever need !
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The modern world may be obsessed with digital technology but that doesn’t mean the end of documentation. In fact, thousands of organizations, banks, governments and corporates send, upload and transfer millions of documents and files through the Internet every minute of every day. These files go to customers, clients, partners, employees and beneficiaries. At such a huge scale, it is impossible for human users to be involved in the physical process of document signing, managing, checking and maintenance. What is required is a fully automated on-demand real-time or monitored digital signing system. Enter Signer. Digital!

Signer. Digital offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box bridge application that can be used by any company in any industry to manage their document signing requirements. It offers plenty of pre-processors and post-processors which can be put across any automated real time workflow.

The solution supports bulk signing of files and documents by integrating API (libraries are available for Java and .NET). It runs as Windows Service on Windows Server or Desktop OS. The Signer. Digital Console can connect to this service across LAN or WAN to control and monitor the service. In addition to its ultra-reliable management and monitoring features, the Signer. Digital Console can be used by users to sign PDF documents locally. It can also act as a remote signing client for Signer. Digital Server so that users can use their local DSC (Digital Signature Certificates) from a USB token to check and sign documents on the server remotely. With Signer. Digital, remote signing profiles may be cascaded to create a workflow with chain of required approvals (say from process owners, managers, authorized signatories, etc.) to monitor real-time signing or to perform remote signing or local signing for business-critical documents like purchase orders, licenses, etc.

Other essential features of Signer. Digital:

Simple dashboard with monitoring and remote access of multiple real-time profiles and their status
Profile-wise configurable multithreading to handle huge document workloads
Tested for 0.2 million+ signatures per hour using local HSM
Native HSM support
Kluis profiles document signing from Signer. Digital Server or Console
Pre- and post-processing such as split documents, merge documents, additional email attachments, sign at text search location, password protection, auto email and printing
Integration libraries for .NET and Java
Free browser extensions for all modern browsers for signing PDFs and eReturns plus DSC-based authentication
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