Relationship with my Helmet
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Relationship with my helmet


I remember driving my two wheeler as long as 20 years back.

I was working for a top pharmaceutical company then. The field work had demanded me to maintain my own two wheeler. I remember learning two wheeler on the same vehicle itself. The toughest part for me was not the driving but wearing the helmet even in the scorching heat, as it would not only lead to sweaty skin but was also capable to tear down my silky hair- which I considered as an asset.

My first helmet was bought by my brother- who is 2 year elder to me. The helmet which he gifted me was something like- a yellow plastic cap with no visor so it was a very lightweight helmet. Enthusiastically I wore that helmet and initiated my virgin independent road drive. My initial driving speed was less than 30kmph. As I gained confidence in my driving, a surprise or a shock was about to hit me on my face.

Don’t jump into any conclusions yet…I am a safe driver. But that day when I  was driving on a not so busy road at 40 km per hour and “zoom zoom” my helmet just got rid of its legitimate owner and happily flying above the ground before hitting the charcoal drenched road. As I was about to park my vehicle to claim my property; I found a gentleman walking towards me with my helmet with a big laugh. Ahh…that was not funny…I thought to myself…rather embarrassing.

When I spoke about this incident to my brother and he like a very protective elder brother…acted swiftly…this time he got me a huge black and silver helmet with a thick visor on it- which would lock my face completely. I was very happy. But the moment I wore it, I felt as if someone had placed a heavy blanket on me…it was indeed suffocating. I had to ask my brother the logic behind this..and he told me that “next time the helmet will make sure that it flies together with you. Will not leave you..actually”. It must be 2 kg I guess. But I continued with it…as passion to drive was much higher.




Time flies and almost after 2 decades…am driving my two wheeler again. This time my husband got me a new helmet- and the dark black asset had half visor and not so bulky. I was very happy to receive my ideal helmet only to find after few rides that the moment the breaks were applied to the vehicle…the top rim of helmet would start gliding down to partially block my view. I had to readjust while driving, or if the view got more blocked, I had to stop and readjust….the lesson I learnt from this little thing is that “In order to develop that perfect relationship; do not forget to enjoy what exists with you matter how hard or irritating or difficult to handle..Each relationship is unique and goodness lies in enjoying each unique thing about it!!”

The story with my helmet continues…


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