Rachna Malhotra
Rachna Malhotra 9th March 2019 584Category: My Journey.(0)

I am a cheerful person who is passionate and optimistic in approach. Full of believe that if you dare to dream and you are passionate about it you can achieve it. I was blur like many people are after completing their education what job I would like to take and had no idea if I will get connected to Export/Import business. But as a child I remember that I was fascinated looking at culture, places and people across borders and always wanted to travel and explore people in different parts of world. Consistent attitude of believe and passion brought me closer to this trade and I started enjoying every aspect of it. Guess what here was a day when I crossed International borders. DREAM DO COME TRUE if you can you will. I have dared to come out of the fear of others and believe in myself and look at myself as a great Entrepreneur. Now making attempt to achieve it.

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