Powerful Organization is aligning Culture, Vision, and Processes
Divya-Nagpal 29th March 2020 226Category: Learning & Development.(0)

Each family is Unique. When you meet a family, the flavor they emit and the experience you get from that unit, is UNIQUE. What creates that Identify? Is it the value system, they define in the family? In my experience, it is not only the “Values” the parents communicate to the children. It is actually the actions of the family members. These observations leave an experience in the heart of the person interacting with the family member.

An organization is also a unit. The culture and identify of the organization is created by actions of its employees. The actions are an outcome of culmination of the conversations and thoughts of the employees. To create a desired organization culture, align the actions and conversations of its employees.

To create a powerful organization, align the Culture of the organization the Process and Actions with organization Vision and Goals.

You will always be on an elated chair creating a powerful organization.

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