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Kirti-Bajpai 3rd April 2020 303Category: Health and Wellbeing.(0)


A beautiful sky, pure air and oxygen, birds chirping, work from home opportunity,more time to emotionally connect with your family and near and dear ones.Handling daily chores together where every family member is pitching in..This is what we had been longing for so long, isn’t it? Why are we not so happy when we have received all these things in abundance!
Guess it has become our nature to crib or ask for more or it has just become a habit to see negativity in every situation!

Let us understand how positive Psychology can help us here.
It’s okay to have negative feelings as they are required sometimes to keep us going.But we know excess of anything is bad in life.Positive Psychology says a ratio of 3:1 ( Positive emotions Vs Negative Emotions) is the benchmark to feel balanced emotions.So a score more than that, that is 4:1,5:1 and so on makes us more productive, resilient and happy.

When ever our ratio scores less than that, we can reduce our negative emotions or increase our poitive emotions, to move towards a happier life.This can be done on a daily basis, wherein we can introspect our day and note down all the negative and positive emotions we had for that particular day.

During the COVID 19 Lockdown, a survey was done to see what the masses are doing to keep their poitive emotions alive.Here is a list of few of the activities done by them.

1. Meditation/ Prayanam– It not only helps in keeping our air passage clear but reduces anxiety too.Keeps them calm amidst all the uncertainty.

2.Prayers– It gives them hope and strength to fight against the negativity.

3. Declutter– What ever things they have not used atleast for a year is not useful to them anymore.Hence, making separate packs of toys,utensils,clothes,books etc to be donated when the lockdown is over.

4. Family Time– They play Board games together,cook together and have more open discussions with each other, which is helping them in increaaing their bonding.

5. Doing daily chores- Helps them realize to express gratitude to their cooks,maids,cleaner’s,dhobi’s and other manpower and never to point out their mistakes or nag with them in future.

6.Little we need– During this time we are managing and relishing simple home cooked food.We are doing without movies,restaurants,shopping etc Which is a message to all that we can survive with basics and rest is all luxury.

7. Compassion– This is the time we see the poor, rich and not so spendthrift people, extending their hands to help each other.

So let us be grateful for what we have and learn to focus on these things rather than what we don’t have!!

I have sown the seed for positivity, now it’s every individuals duty to help the seed grow into a beautiful,delicate plant.Lets not forget to water this plant, even if the seed has not been sown by you.

Dr.Kirti Bajpai
Psychologist Counselor

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