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Point To Ponder

When I go through various YouTube channels ,read blog’s and articles… I come across most of the people suggesting to keep negative people at bay and connect with only positive people, for one’s own personal, professional and spiritual growth.

This kept me wondering and that is when I thought of taking up this topic in my next write up. Few things that came to my mind were-

1. Being Human- We keep talking about compassion but where does our compassion disappears when we come across negative people! So does that mean it’s a barter system, where hurt is returned with hurt and love with love. Why don’t we behave in the same manner when our own child is negative? Point to ponder…

2. Selfishness- Keeping away from negativity is definitely good for our health and peace of mind. So that means we tend to avoid or keep negative people at bay for our own comfort thus thinking only about ourselves. Point to ponder…

3. Touching Life’s – We have read so many times that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. So did we ever try to know what that person is going through? If that person doesn’t want to share, then can we give them benefit of doubt, that maybe they are going through enough in life hence the behavior.. Point to ponder…

4. Reflection-We give to others what we have. So if negative people show anger, criticism, sarcasm then can we understand that this is what they have or seen in their environment.Maybefor the time being they have forgotten what it’s like to give love, praise and gratitude! After all they ate not so bad! Can we think that maybe they are not well ! Point to ponder….

5. Triggers- When we come in touch with negative people we get drained out,we may react to what they say or get furious. Strange isn’t it? You know yourself better than anyone else, yet you crumble at the words of someone who has not lived a second of your life. Why can’t we focus on our own voice as that’s the only thing that matters. That means we have our own triggers and we need to work on them. Point to ponder….

6. Holding hand’s- Someone must risk returning injury with kindness or hostility will never turn to goodwill.Can we set an example so that they follow us rather than becoming a victim of their behavior which they are not aware off! Point to ponder….

Here I am not asking you to take garbage from anyone and all the time. One must know how to set boundaries but a healthy one. This will not only help us to deal with not so positive people but also help us to understand our own triggers and work on ourselves.

So don’t dump not so positive people in your life, after all they are a victim of their circumstances, they need help too, they need support, they need someone to understand them too. What if they realise and change for better , as you had set an example for them and you supported them , when no one else did ! Don’t you think they will bless you for ever and later in life.

So next time think twice before avoiding them and striking their name off from your list. Rather send them wishes for good and healthy mind and body and see the difference.

Good luck!

Dr. Kirti Bajpai
Psychologist Counselor

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