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Have you observed that on some feel totally strong, in momentum and with high energy?

You overachieve in that single day. While on some feel  lethargic and out of energy despite not doing much work. Why is it so? Why do you feel in contrast?

The reason being your Personal Power.

The day when you are in are totally preoccupied with your pre-set goals or objectives. You do not spend much time or unproductive thoughts on things that are actually not working for you. You are focused in a single direction..thus even if some unfavourable situation happens like a traffic jam or delay in a meeting etc, you do not ponder much over  the situation.

In a nut shell you are in a “Flow” – which allows your best physical, emotional and mental potential to come forth.

While on the other days, when you are low in energy; your mind by default shifts its focus from yourself to all the other things, situations or people in the periphery. Notice the flow of thoughts..they would all be unproductive and would be draining you off – with energy. Most of the time, you would be judging, justifying, blaming or complaining.

In a nut shell you have lost your personal power by thinking about all the undesired situations or people. In this case, if you choose to stay like will be inviting more of such situations, people to you that would take away your personal power-leading to lowering of your productivity and unsatisfied day.

How to Regain your Personal Power: Regaining your personal power requires a deliberate and consistent effort. Its like an elastic..the more you use it, the more flexibility will display.

Disciplining yourself with your day’s goals and objectives is a powerful tool to gain your personal power. Its a different kind of passion when you close your day with the achievements.

Shifting your focus from the things you  fear to things that drives you or fuels your passion is yet another way to regain your personal power.

Above all, choosing to take a step in this direction is the foremost thing that you can do today.

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