Performance Matters

In an entrepreneur’s world, one must celebrate all wins, small or large. We have at hand an opportunity to celebrate. We have just breached the first 10,000 sessions on  Its much like making the first Million $. The fact that so many of you have visited the portal, tells us that there is some value on this platform.

The figures are something like this –

  • Number of Sessions – 10,093
  • Number of users – 6003
  • Page views – 31445. This means, an average user viewed over 3 pages.
  • Returning visitors – 15.6% i.e. about 1000 visitors have been regular visitors

Its time that you complete your profile, if you have not completed it so far.  Now it makes more sense as you get 5 points for completing your profile.

Collect your points and redeem them to subscribe to eGrowth.

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