Partner to that EXTRA in you

I have been thinking, what is eGrowth, why does eGrowth exist. I am trying to answer it here.

I have been an ‘extra‘ all my life.

  • I was never among the toppers in school.
  • I was never on the school sports team
  • At college I would pass with grace marks..
  • I passed with honours and a series of ‘ATKT’
  • During my corporate career I have been happy with ‘targets not met’
  • I am not the most handsome person around
  • I am a shorty with a pot belly now
  • Wealthy!!! who is he???

This list would continue till eternity. The beauty is when I look around all of us have our secret lists of being an ‘extra

This is the story of all commoners. The ones, twos, threes in our trade, family, friends are at a hands distance and we are a set of ‘Ramu’, ‘Shamu’ in our own world….. having a lot of wants and little to brag about.

This is how I lived most part of my life .. I would consider myself as a Stepney, that is how we call an ‘extra‘ tyre. Most of the time this is the most worn out tyre.

Once I was speaking to a friend and he created.

  • Stepney is THE MOST RELIABLE TYRE. This tyre enables you to survive the most lonely and scary  stretch of the road.
  • As a driver I DRIVE PEACEFULLY because I have a stepney
  • A team has extra players so that when an ace player is down, the team still HAS A CHANCE TO WIN

This is when I got present to the fact that The Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis and Adanis exist because the ‘EXTRAS’ support them as ancillary units and do odd jobs for them so that a car carries the TATA emblem or the stocks perform for RIL, BIRLA and a handful such names.

eGrowth came in existence to cause exponential growth for all these EXTRAs.



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