BEING HARMONY 30th June 2019 156Category: Learning & Development. ()

Dear parents ,

My basic principle of parenting is keep blessing your child more and more each day however and whenever possible. Talk about his strengths and abilities more often than his weaknesses or drawback . Appreciate him , his skills , his nature , his abilities more .And criticize less .listen more to his stories , his fears , his dreams . Inculcate the value of gratitude for sure not on the superficial level but feeling it from the heart . Make it a daily habit or culture at home to talk about at least 5 things all are grateful for in a day . Make it a habit to talk about at least 5 good things that they appreciate in each family member , about house, school, teachers, building, neighbous, friends , city, country etc. Start from family members and go on adding more and more . You can’t even imagine that by doing these simple exercises daily, what wonderful human beings will be created . You will slowly notice a shift in yourself and atmosphere in your house . This kind of game can be incorporated not only in family but work place as well .
Let’s take our first step and contribute to our better world .

Thank you all. love you all for all your efforts of self growth .

– Honey Vachhani

– Heal your life coach

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