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There are usually five pain points  in a Businessman’s Life

A businessman deals with multiple pain points. In this article I am listing five on them.

  • Bringing Business– To  be active in business one has to be continuously visible and after Covid-19 this challenge have grew because Visibility in Market have decreased and lot of modification has to be done in business or shifting to other industry or category. Adding or modifying Category maintain core business may not be more problem than shifting to entire new category or industry.
  • Recovery & Funding project
  • This also  major problem because a lot of time . Businessmen sometimes indulge with clients with more credit period as a result more credits are taken from market and working capital is hit because of payment of huge interests which was not required.
  • Managing Team & Motivating Them
  • Managing team is another pain area in businessman’s life . Success in business also rely on efficiency and loyalty of your core team. Employee’s knowledge, skill are important for productivity but if they are not skilled a lot of training, effort has to be made to get the efficiency.  Sometimes you get efficient staff but irony is that sometimes employees are unable to maintain Loyalty because of motivating factors is missing.  Also clashes between team member also play important role in job shifts.
  • Corporate Tax
  • Taxation is also major part.
  • Family Well being Challenges
  • This Play very Important roll. Analyze a Cricket Team. Openers play depend on efficiency of next three or four player. If they have belief next three or four player will manage inning, opener play attacking otherwise they play defensive.  Businessmen at times fear from taking risk because the family well being challenge.

Solution to challenges lie in  challenges itself. However have solution to 3,4 & 5

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