Divya-Nagpal 13th July 2020 234Category: Learning & Development.(0)

In this Lockdown, relationship between organization &employee has emerged differently. It is based on organization’s Intention & Financial Capacity

Forth Comers–With Financial capacity & intention high, such organizations have open communication channels & are collectively making decision. Some have gone ahead & even promised job security/raises to their employees. The organizations situation will now be evaluated in 2021.

Strugglers– Low on finance, but want to support their employees, are finding trapped within themselves. They have resorted to salary cuts & if situations worsen though UNWILLING they may reduce their manpower. Leaders communicate with selective people only, as they consider this as their personal failure. Most MSMEs fall under this category. They are hopeful of some funding for support.

Opportunists – Organizations who have always shied away from retrenching few people in normal circumstances. Now with available reason, are reducing selective employees. Communication is low, often one sided & decisions are left to likes & dislikes of the leader, totally based upon the leader earlier relationship with an employee.

Self strugglers– Organizations low on both, are struggling to survive, unable to see direction for the organization. Leaders should take advice &  guidance from specialists to overcome

It is also observed that an organization may belong to any of the 4 areas mentioned above, irrespective of the industry it is a part of.

Whichever stage or area you are in today, the key for the leader is to be authentic and have open communication with the employees.


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