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Seema Sharma 28th February 2018 693Category: My Journey.(0), Online Marketing.(0)

Please tell us about yourself

I am simple and fun loving person. After graduating From Commerce stream I worked as tele-marketer for Standard Chartered Bank and later worked at WNS. I worked for four and half years in WNS as a Quality Leader. Later I got married and shifted to Panama City for 9 years. As i came to India around 4 years ago wanted to do something new and exciting so I opted for a Digital Marketing Course. When I want something I see to it I get it done, as it makes me happy too. Though, I am adamant for certain things to happen in my way I am flexible too. I have 2 kids the older daughter is 12 and younger son is 8 yrs old, they keep me on my toes all the time. I love to travel and enjoy going for movies. I had learnt power yoga which gives me energy and strength to work in the hectic schedule. My life has just been around my work and family. I enjoy my work and spending time with my family. I strongly believe in Karma, “do good good things comes back to you”.

Share about what you do

I am a certified Digital Marketer . I have been in this business for 3 years. I work for Kiah Advertising Agency. Basically I create ads and promotions on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and YouTube. Today’s time Social Media is a must and needed to promote the brand or services on Social Media platforms. Google Adwords is another feature which is keyword research, where you can be on 1st Page of Google Search.This is becoming more popular nowadays as everyone wants their business to be on top page of Google. SEO and Website designing is also undertaken. We have experts to perform this work and helps your business growth.

Say something about your beginning

My childhood was simple like every kid who grew in the 80’s and 90’s. Lovely memories to cherish all your life. Initially business was very slow as I was new in my field with no experience. But slowly I got my first assignment to handle Facebook Page for a builder and I could manage with a lot of support of my faculty I learnt to handle like a pro. Today, I am handling work individually for a couple of clients. I am also a part of networking group called BNI.

What have been some of your achievements

My achievements are that I have received 2 testimonials from my clients for the work I did for them. This letter of appreciation boosted my confidence and motivated me to take up more challenges in my field.

The difference you have made to others

Now people have started recognizing me for the work I have done in my field. All want to know how exactly this Digital Marketing works and what are its benefits. Everyone is keen to be on social media platform.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

I would like to be acknowledged for the work I have done for my clients. A satisfied client will bring smile on my face. “Be a like a Diamond as Diamonds are created under PRESSURE”

Anything else you wish to share

Just that be yourself you can achieve anything you want if you are passionate about it.
 Seema is a Digital Marketing professional from Pune.
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