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Please tell us about yourself

I was married to Sh. Narinder Puri in 1972. We belonged to a large business family from Batala. Over the years the business spread across North India. Due to some health reasons of my elder son I had to move to a colder place and I resumed my Government Service. We had 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter. In 2003 I moved to Gurgaon after my retirement. In 2013 I lost my husband. Now I live with both my sons at Gurgaon. Atul, my elder son runs eGrowth, a Startup to empower and enable businesses. Charu, our daughter is married to Sunil Gupta in Delhi. Amit my younger son works as a Strategy Professional with JK Paper. Dr. Priyanka, Amit’s wife runs Smilexpertz, a chain of dental clinics

Share about what you do

I retired in 2003 after serving Government of Himachal Pradesh for over 35 years. I spend time with my family. I am a Founder Director with EBN Learning Private Limited. We run a platform, eGrowth, world’s first BAD (Business Advisory and Development) Network. Our purpose is to empower and enable businesses across the globe

Say something about your beginning

I was born at Lahore, in Pre-Independence India. Post partition we shifted to Batala in Punjab and later on my father moved to the hill station of Dalhousie. I studied at Arya Putri Pathshala and Government High School, Dalhousie. Later in life I started teaching for Government of Himachal Pradesh. I served at a number of primary schools located at interior villages. In 1977 I joined Govt. Senior Secondary School, Dalhousie as a Language Teacher.

What have been some of your achievements

I joined as a primary teacher in Sept. 1968 and retired as a Language teacher in September 2003. I would have educated thousands students during my career spanning 3.5 decades. Many of my students are are respectable positions across India and abroad

All my children are well educated. Both my sons cleared competitive exams for Engineering. This was a proud moment for the people of Dalhousie.

The difference you have made to others

I worked very sincerely for my students from nearby villages and invariably belonged to poor families. I gave special attention and extra time to them to teach the language to them so that they could go  far and wide and say with pride that they are from Himachal.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

I want to be acknowledged for being a good  daughter, sister, mother and wife. I have given full attention from my side to my society in 4 areas – Head (Mental), Heart (Spiritual), Hand (Actions)  and Health (Well being). This is the first sign of a good teacher


Usha Puri is the Founder Director of EBN Learning Private Limited

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