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Ms. Trista Polo 18th February 2021 374Category: My Journey.(0)
Trista Polo

Please tell us about yourself

I have lived in the Hudson Valley of New York State since I went to college here over 30 years ago. My husband and I met there and this year will be our 25th anniversary. For over 13 years I have been an entrepreneur, working online and with teams.

I am a speaker, trainer and host for podcasts, video and live events around the US. My mission is to help people win, whatever winning looks like to them. Through transformational conversations with self and others, I help people access their true power. I am on a mission to bring awareness that self-worth and belief that you deserve the best life has to offer is the beginning of any achievement.

Share about your business

My business – I Woke Up Awesome – supports business owners, entrepreneurs, and online shoppers get what they need when they need it. We have powerful products, strong community of teams and marketing services for businesses.

Share something from your Corporate Career

Prior to owning my own business, I worked primarily in Human Resources and Real Estate.

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What was the inspiration for you to start your own business?

I started my own business because in each corporate job I held, there was a time that I was asked to do something I didn’t agree with or someone was treated in a way I felt unfair. As an employee I only had the choice to go along or walk away. I had to choose my integrity or my groceries. I decided to create my own business so I could work with the people I chose, make decisions I could be proud of and never treat someone with disrespect. Having my own business is harder and more is expected of me and I am happy every day I made the decision because now the people I work with are a family and we lift each other up.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

  • Certified Trainer of the Year, WebCenter Division 2014, 2016
  • Appointed Local Coordinator of Training System for Market America Corporate
  • Dutchess County 40 Under 40 Young Professionals Award 2010
  • Creator, Producer and Host of Trista’s PL8STORY Podcast
  • Guest writer on,,
  • Guest speaker on many Podcasts including The Breakthrough Show, Self Talk Radio and Her Suite Spot Experience Podcast

The difference you have made to others

People crave community, belonging, worth and recognition. On my team, our culture is we help people win whatever winning looks like to them. I bring communication, leadership and self-worth conversations to the forefront so individuals have the opportunity to level-up their own mindset, worth and results.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Providing a safe space for people to expand their belief that they are AWESOME just as they are, just as they got out of bed this morning, with nothing to be fixed or changed.

How has eGrowth added value to your entrepreneurial journey

Atul, founder of eGrowth has provided tremendous value to me as an entrepreneur. I have not yet experienced eGrowth as a whole.

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

I am always open to opportunities to grow. I’m looking to establish my business in India and see eGrowth as a network that can provide valuable relationships to forward that goal.


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