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Ms. Sushmita Nanivadekar 7th March 2018 527Category: My Journey.(0)

Please tell us about yourself

Born in a middle class Punjabi family, Father was in armed forces in Indian Airforce and served the nation for 21 years. Mother a housewife and a younger brother. Lost my father to brain cancer during my S.S.C. Board exams. Completed Electronics Engineering from St. Xaviers, Mumbai. Creative person at heart so did Fashion Designing and Graphic Designing from Adriot Institute. Worked for Datamatics, Dynalog India, Kalayojan and then started Ms Gyany Customer Solutions in 2010. Married to a Maharashtrian Brahmin family. A go-getter with never die spirit, love challenges, good cook, music lover and always ready to help others.

Share about what you do

Ms. Gyany Customer Solutions specialises in designing of all brand collaterals right from logo design, corporate identity, brochures, calendars, flyers etc. Have served more than 100 clients be it corporates like Mahindra, LDS Infotech, Apar Cables, Forbes Technosys to individuals and SMEs in all sectors. Specialise in consulting, guiding and designing clients to build their brand be it small or big. Apart from Brand design, have started another venture in software and web, mobile applications called as Jugmug. Jugmug is a business platform to build your hyperdynamic websites in 15 minutes with pages, product catalog and posts. It is the most user friendly platform to reach out to your existing and new clients. A self manageable website with many features and a live marketplace to promote your offers and deals. Jugmug currently has more than 100 users and is now catching up in the market. We aim to capture small and medium manufacturers, suppliers, traders to showcase their products and help them grow their business.

Say something about your beginning

Childhood has been very challenging as dad was hospitalised for 5 years due to brain cancer. Mom supported us by taking up a job after he expired to support my studies. Learnt a lot at a very tender age and took up responsibility at the age of 9 of my brother. Got married at 22 years with 3 miscarriages in the span of 15 years. When I last miscarried, I lost the will to live. But, I fought all odds and started designing as a passion. The passion later turned to a full time business called Gyany customer solutions. During all my years, I have gone though numerous hardships at family and business front. Gone in to severe clinical depression in 2014 with no hope to survive. Bed ridden for 6 months and severely ill, I somehow emerged a winner out of it. Did not succumb to the illness, fought with lot of willpower and strength from mom and husband. Finally overcame all odds and today successfully running the show. During the entire journey, have learnt a lot from experiences and implemented in daily life. Totally a self made person.

What have been some of your achievements

I am a leader, a visionary and have done hundreds of marketing collaterals for corporates such as Mahindra Solar, Forbes group, Apar Industries, Vista Foods and many SMEs. An Ex BNI member and have served the leadership team in various roles.

  • I am active in School alumni programs and associated with global vision for charity and donates personally to support cancer patients as well girls in schools for scholarships.
  • I have been awarded “Entrepreneurs of Excellence 2017 Award” from Indo Global chamber of commerce.
  • Awarded “Award for Excellence 2017” from ALL Women Economic Forum
  • Awarded Women’s lifetime achievement award on Womens Day 2016 by a business club.

The difference you have made to others

I always follow givers gain policy and always try my best to help people around whether personal or professional. It gives me immense pleasure to meet new people and learn from their life too.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

Never die spirit
Born fighter
Always ready to lend a helping hand to others

Anything else you wish to share

Keep faith in God and yourself. Never stop.


 Sushmita is a well awarded person from Mumbai. She runs Gyany Customer Solutions, a true expression of her passion for enabling the customer

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