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Ms. Sunita Biddu 23rd February 2019 801Category: My Journey.(0)

About you and your business

I am Sunita Biddu and am a social media and power blogging coach. I am a traveler who loves food, people, newness and nature. When I get some time for living my dreams every day, I help entrepreneurs and businesses build powerful profitable brands using social media and blogging.

Your beginning

I started by exploring what fits my interest, goals, dreams. From aspiring to be a scientist to preparing for civil services, I tried my hands on careers that will give me the life I wanted. The life where I power, all the free time in hand and reputation in the world.

This journey started when I realized how powerful the Internet is. And how one can make unlimited money, fame, and fortune out of it.

Never looked back since then. From running multiple successful businesses in digital marketing services making 7- 8 figures income every month, I have finally arrived at the best phase of life where I am working 2-3 hours a day, traveling around the world and managed to create passive income sources.


I am a fortunate one who lives a lifestyle that most of us dream of.

  • Traveling wherever I want to and whenever I want
  • Staying in different cities and places as long as I want and then move to a different place
  • Having all the time free for my family, friends and of course ample for myself
  • Making 7 figure income from multiple passive and active income sources
  • A simple happy life with great food, amazing people around, and luxury whenever I wish to

It didn’t come on its own. I worked smart and hard to make myself privileged to afford this lifestyle forever.

Your achievements

The biggest achievement was to create an easy and free life for myself. If you’re happy and feeling achieved, everything around you starts working to create more for you. Unfortunately, a lot of people still keep themselves as one of the last priorities.

Some of my other achievements involve creating happy entrepreneurs like myself. These are my rockstars. They come determined, committed and ready to create a life and I felt fortunate to be their guide.

Being able to support the world by giving back to underprivileged people, women and kids was another achievement and feeling of contentment.

The difference you have made

I am still working to make a difference. It’s an ongoing thing in life.

I come from an orthodox society where people do not think highly about working women and female entrepreneur. Changing my own parents’ mindset was a good starting point.

Being able to inspire a lot of women and young girls in my network is another big difference I see. It’s possible to be with your family and yet create an outstanding life with amazing financial freedom.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

For being a happy social media coach who has monetized Internet, personal strengths and skills to create a free and rich life for herself and helping thousands of entrepreneurs to do the same.

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