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Hi Shefali, please tell us about yourself

Happy, cheerful and optimistic is my way of seeing the world. A mother of two lovely daughters of 18 and 13, I have a life full of surprises and excitement. A Fashion Technologist from Pearl Academy, I worked in an export house for 5 years as a merchandiser, I ventured out in the word of entrepreneurship in the year 2002 by conceptualising Career Genii Consulting Pvt Ltd in New Delhi . Career Genii is an all women run boutique Recruitment & Training Solutions company assisting Garment, Textiles and Lifestyle exporters, agents, manufacturers, retailers and E commerce companies across the globe. To accommodate changing lifestyle of my girls who are now women, married and settled in various parts of the country I changed the identity of my company by personally developing a system on the cloud so that they can work from anywhere in the world without leaving their jobs. Because of this concept and approach, Career Genii recently was nominated for INDIA 5000 BEST MSME AWARD for the year 2020. This remains to be my biggest achievement. We are a sustainable organisation with almost zero carbon print.

Share about Career Genii

Career Genii is a boutique Recruitment and Training Solutions company assisting businesses in the domain of Garment, Textiles and Lifestyle. We offer a unique combination of Industry Knowledge and Human Resource Skills vital to the growth of these sectors. Our client profile includes large and mid-size Manufacturers, Exporters, Retailers, Buyers, Agencies, Distributors and Traders in India and Overseas. Established in 2002, Career Genii operates from New Delhi and is widely connected world- wide through various network sources thus successfully providing services globally. In addition to being directly involved in developing Manpower, Career Genii is also an ace service provider in consulting and counselling for Industry professionals and Students providing support wherever required.

Share something from your Corporate Career

First campus Interview was all it took to start my dream job as an assistant production manager in an export house. I was soon moved into merchandising because of good communication skills and past education background. Fabric knowledge and Product Development remained my forte and I assisted in buyer meetings with new fabrics and designs. Nehru Place was a favourite hunting ground for new samples and often I was sent to fetch urgent fabric samples in my MD’s Mercedes driven by his chauffeur. In the year 2000. it was a dream! After working for 5 years with Instyle Exports Pvt Ltd., I joined Wigan and Leigh as a faculty of Textiles, Pattern making and Garment Construction. Developing course content, imparting knowledge to students became my passion. Soon I became one of the favourite faculty of most kids and throughly enjoyed my tenure as a mentor and teacher.

What was the inspiration for you start Career Genii?

As a job seeker I started approaching consultants to seek help when I decided to change my company. I ran from pillar to post and met most leaders of that times operating in this domain only to be disappointed by the treatment given. I was left disappointed with offices full of paper and files scattered all around. A job seeker was nothing but a commodity with no emotional value and respect. I also noticed systems which were futile and obsolete. Wastage of paper, space and people was visible all around. Nothing seemed sustainable and this was when I started exploring the idea of starting an all-woman organisation which is driven by systems. An organisation where job seekers were valued and were not just considered commodities. Around the same time, my industry associate proposed to launch Career Genii and as they say rest is history. This was perfectly in sync with my changing family needs and seemed to do complete justice to all my skills.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

Career Genii is an all women company. I changed the structure two years ago to accommodate the changing lifestyle of my girls who are now women, married and settled in various parts of the country. I did not want my team members to suffer and struggle the way I did because of the pressures and changes that marriage, motherhood, parents and children bring-in especially when you are also working. Using the current public resources, I created an internal ERP which could be easily understood and followed by them and give them the liberty to work from anywhere in the world without leaving their jobs. This meant they will have more money at their disposal, more time to balance the family life and work and also more power to them. One by one, everyone was plugged into the system and unlike the usual belief that working from home lacks descipline, we doubled our turnover in the first year itself. Now we just need to plug our team member into the system with the help of a buddy member and we are set to roll. Because of this concept and approach, Career Genii recently was nominated for INDIA 5000 BEST MSME AWARD for the year 2020. This remains to be my biggest achievement. We are a sustainable organisation with almost zero carbon footprint.

The difference you have made to others

I am a motivator and love positive energy. I spread happiness around me making life cheerful and happy for people who surround me. Understanding of child and human psychology with a combination of good communication skills have been my biggest strength. Being non-judgmental helps me to connect with kids and people instantaneously. On the professional front, I have changed the lives of our women employees by empowering them on all possible fronts.
We travel once or twice in a year in India or overseas on an all-paid trip so that they learn about different world, cultures and people. This adds to enormous learning. From unconfident young girls to blossoming confident young women, the changes are visible.
I have been able to reach out to people in need by giving them priority and promoting their candidature with our clients.
On the environment front, Career Genii is a zero waste and a paper free organisation with almost no carbon footprint.

What do you want to be acknowledged for *

Firstly for being a good human being who believe in human values and the religion of Humanity. I am proud of my selfless and helping nature which makes my life simple and happy. I would liked to be acknowledged also for raising two amazing daughters who have good human values. My ability to balance work and personal life has been my success mantra and I continuously motivate women around me to find that balance. On the professional front, I would like to be acknowledged for the achievements of Career Genii under my leadership. I am an aware and technologically learned professional. I know how to use my knowledge constructively for the betterment of the society. I have been a gymnast, a horse rider and a swimmer. Also a recognized achiever in athletics at school and college level. I run a sincere, honest and a value driven organisation and take pride in my achievements.

Anything else you wish to share

Everything in life is about perspective and the way you look at things. What you are looking for is what you will find… Life is tough for women because of the choices either we make or are made by others for us. Optimism is the weapon we need to use more often as it has the power to change every situation. We need to focus on our both mental and physical health. They say, a healthy brain lives in a healthy body. We are like warriors fighting a hundred wars at every front and no warrior succeeds without good health and fitness. We need both mental and physical strength to combat situations thrown at us everyday. Take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others.

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