My Journey – Samiksha Agrawal
10th May 2020 628Category: My Journey.(0)

Hi Samiksha, Please tell us something about yourself

I am a workaholic person, can’t find myself not working. I love what I do. Being interior architect is like a childhood dream come true.My passion speaks in my work.While pursuing my graduation, I started working as a freelancer.

Share something about Drishtikone Design

My firm’s name is Drishtikone Design. Its a partnership firm so there are two partners me and Ms Ashita Agrawal. We take projects for both Interior & Architecture all over Delhi NCR. Currently we are doing mostly residential projects. I also love doing scenic designing. So I am looking to start this soon and planing to expand in other cities too. Our goal is to have a own experience center. We want to give a different perspective to the industry. As we see in our modern world everything is becoming so instant. We want to bring technology or I can say a different concept.

What was the inspiration for you to start your own business?

I belong to a business family. So let’s say it was always in my genes. I haven’t seen women here doing interior business as even now people think that a women needs a man’s support or she can’t step outside and work. So I wanted to prove. If I can do this without any support than other women can also do. During my journey I met this amazing women architect Ms Ashita Agrawal. And she was looking for someone to collaborate. And than we decided to work together. She has been my biggest support. In business it’s very important to get a good partner who is as passionate and creative as you are. And I was fortunate that I met her.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

ANWA 2020 for most Promising Interior Architect

What difference have you made to the community around you?

I won’t say that I have made the difference but yes I am in process of making. There are very few people who step out of there comfort zone and without depending on there family or anyone they start there own business. And this is what I exactly did. My field was very new for me and my family as we have no background and support for this .Also there was no on who could have guided us. And I still chose this and started on my own . There is still a long way to go.

What do you want to be acknowledged for?

For my work. I want to create my own space in interior industry and want to give a different perspective .

Anything else you would like to share

Choosing a right career is very crucial . Don’t get influence with anyone or simply don’t rely on anyone. Relax and sit down and then think what you enjoy the most? What is that single that you can do lifelong? And chose whatever makes you happy. Work should never feel like it’s forced upon you.

Thanks Samiksha, congratulations on being the winner of ANWA Awards, 2020. Wish you great success in life and may you make a huge name for yourself in the space of Interiors

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