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Hi Rachita, Please tell us something about yourself

I am the Co-founder of Girl Power Talk & Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Ocean Global Technology. I specialize in helping clients achieve digital transformation and elevate their online reputations. I lead strategic partnerships with PR firms & digital marketing agencies. I am also passionate about fostering an entrepreneurial culture for tomorrow’s leaders that rewards integrity and innovation. I serve as a regional Chairperson for the All Ladies League (ALL), the largest network for women with over 70,000 members in 150 countries.

Rachita, tell us something more about your business interests.

Girl Power Talk strives to inspire girls with persistence, empathy, and confidence. We empower young women (and men) with merit-based opportunities to grow and achieve their full potential. In collaboration with our sister company, Blue Ocean Global Technology, we develop girls in India to become global leaders. We are relentlessly committed to education, gender equality, and integrating the strengths of specially abled communities. We celebrate the diverse and talents of each team member.

Through our nurturing culture of learning and mentorship, we instill young people with exceptional soft-skills, technical knowledge, and purpose in life. We provide a platform to share the voices and stories of girls and women across India. #GirlPowerTalk

“One girl empowers another. Let’s change lives together: one girl, one woman and one human being at a time.”

Blue Ocean Global Technology is the New York based sister company of Girl Power Talk. We collaborate to proactively build, monitor and repair digital reputations. We create and promote top digital assets that accelerate the growth of brand equity. We consult on digital transformation and provide comprehensive reputation management services, which often includes implementation through search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and web development. When an individual or organization faces crisis, legal or PR issues on the internet, we specialize in mitigating the impact of the defamatory content and creating a positive narrative. Blue Ocean Global Technology serves both clients directly and an exclusive group of PR, Law, Digital Marketing, and Web-Development agency partners.

What was the inspiration for you start your own business or take up the career you are in?

“Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I have always been passionate about serving as a voice for those who don’t have one. My life’s mission is to be an agent of change by providing young women more opportunities and a better path for achieving their full potential. Girl Power Talk is our vision in action:

  • Build an organization with a moral fabric for doing good in the world.
  • Catalyze change through the growth and development of each young adult that joins our community.
  • Provide women a platform to celebrate their successes and amplify their voice.
  • Offer education to inspire innovation and eradicate stereotypes.
  • Grow an innovate technology company into a case study for digital transformation.

I started my career at the age of 20 under the mentorship of Blue Ocean Global Technology’s Co-Founder, Sameer Somal. Technology pervades all spheres of our lives and we are increasingly dependent upon it. Our goal was to help clients make optimal technology decision. We empower people with the knowledge to thrive in the face of the digital revolution. Our commitment to education includes thought leadership and speaking engagements at conferences. I formed Girl Power Talk to align with Blue Ocean Global Technology’s commitment to gender diversity across global communities.

Anything else you wish to share

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