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Please tell us about yourself

I am a Doctor of Alternative Medicine and a Psychology enthusiast with 10 years of experience at Corporate/BPO in operations. I am an Image consultant and NABET accredited Soft Skills Trainer. A certified Life coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Access Bars facilitator, Mindfulness & NLP Master Practitioner.

I specialized in Modern Meditation, Energy Healing, and Psychic Tarot Reading. I love bringing different healing modalities together to provide maximum benefits to people around me and help them create a new reality for themselves.

Share about your business

At Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe, We help people with all kind of psychological, physical & mental problems. With the help of Psychology, hypnotherapy, energy healing, meditation and Tarot card reading.

*We are committed to taking only 5-6 sessions for any situation, making it fast and affordable for everyone to avail these services.”

We deal with-: depression, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, migraine, de-addiction, relationship issues , fears phobias, pain management, weight management , eating disorders, dandruff, pimples, acne, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, nail-biting, laziness, hair fall, PCOD, breathing problem, insomnia, accident and surgical trauma, exam fear and anxiety, improve focus, concentration and performance. If needed we also help with past life regression therapy, spiritual guidance, releasing oaths, vows, and curses. Our only aim is to make everyone’s life easier and fulfilling. Make them believe in their self so they can lead an independent and stress-free life.

Further, we help people with image consulting and soft skills trying to craft their outer image.

With this, we also train people on various subjects, Modern Meditation, Tarot Reading and manifestation rituals are to name few.

Share something from your Corporate career

I spent almost 10 years working with different organizations and fighting to make own place. I always fought for recognition. Those years played a significant role in my growth and development. I saw people very closely, struggling with their lives, not knowing what to do? Going through several mental struggles and not admitting that ever! Living an aimless life and even not knowing what they are doing and why?

As a woman, I have felt my share of difficulties in my job at corporates. As people still need to understand the concept of equality. However, I saw the pain, struggle, depression and lack of self-awareness very closely in people around me.

The irony is nobody wants to talk or take this topic seriously. People forget to understand humans and believe more in data work. They only remember to appreciate their people in Annual town halls and then forget them for the next year. I always wonder how these leaders put a different face on social media, talking about the ideal place to work and growth & development of their people where in reality the picture is entirely different.

Corporate jobs pay you really well to have the luxuries of life, enjoy the perks and maintain a standard lifestyle. In return, they keep your dreams, freedom, and soul. All this actually pushed me towards taking a leap of faith and starting my career as a Mind Therapist and follow my passion.

What was the inspiration for you start your own business or take up the career you are in?

I was always fascinated by people’s behavior. Curious to know why they behave the way they do. What’s the thought process they go through and why many of us end up taking some difficult decisions in life and more importantly why nobody seems to understand other person’s point of view. I was 8 years old when I decided I want to become a psychologist. Because I had to make things better for everyone around me. Honestly, whenever I see somebody in pain (Mental or emotional) I can feel that in my own heart. It’s like I am here to pick up on other people’s struggle. I just can’t let that go. I get the urge of doing something and helping them.

I did many courses around this subject to gain more knowledge and understanding and tried everything to check its validity and effects on me and my loved ones. However, with a full-time job, it was quite difficult to follow my passion so I started a blog with the name of Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe to address our most common yet hidden emotions which we face in our daily life. My intent was to let my readers know that they are not alone. We all are here to help them and we understand what they are going through.

And in just a few weeks I started getting emails and appreciations, though I had a very small audience yet people started writing their problems and they would pour their heart out in those emails.

That was the time when my corporate career was at a peak as I recently got promoted and my hands were full with work commitments. I could have had a good career and well-paying job, however, my heart and mind were fighting all the time. I was confused and stressed my self.

Then one day I read a quote somewhere


This quote got stuck in my mind badly and I just couldn’t think of anything else….. so finally I decide to quit my full-time job. And that’s how my healing center ” Priyanka’s Spiritual Cafe” started.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

In a short span of time, I earned people’s trust. I started getting clients yet I could sense there was lots of hesitation. People just can’t face or tell anybody that they are stressed and they need help. As in our country, it’s a big shame. People still prefer to die alone instead of visiting a therapist. And even if they gather the courage to help their self our society will pass judgment on them.

I had to do something for them. something to help, something to create more peace in these lives and help them take their life more easily.

I crafted a WhatsApp Mediation Program. this is a 21 days modern meditation to fit in everybody’s pocket and schedule. I wasn’t expecting anything out of it yet in my first batch I got 12 people. And since then we never looked back. I named it “Meditation Masters”. This program simply helps people to use meditation as a daily ritual. And with practice, they sleep better, handle their stress well, their immunity improves and they look at life more positively. In the past 8 months, more than 250 participants have enrolled in WhatsApp Meditation Workshop.

Every now and then somebody from my social circle, my friends and participants or sometimes strangers…would message me acknowledging my work and passion and how I was able to bring a shift in their life.

That truly makes me feel that I am on the right path. The love I get in return is worth a million bucks.

With this, my online tarot readings and workshop got quite an attention. In just one year of starting my work … I have clients from 10 different countries for my tarot session. This definitely is a milestone for me.

(First person to start Meditation on WhatsApp to reach maximum people and make it affordable and accessible for everybody. In 8 months more than 250 graduates of Meditation Masters Program worldwide. Did Tarot Card Reading for 15 Different people from 15 Different Countries in One Day.)

From nobody to somebody…journey has just begun.

The difference you have made to others

My vision is to bring holistic development in people’s life. We all take care of our outer appearance but our inner child is crying, begging to be heard.

So with my practices, I bring clarity in people’s life. I help them accept the self..the way they are. by making them feel that they are heard, loved and cared. Understanding what and why of any situation. Establishing their belief in their self and making them self sufficient to deal with their inner demons. I help them restore what’s broken inside them and enhance their overall belief system about their self and about life. So they can lead a more fulfilling life and help others in need.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

I want to be acknowledged for Making Meditation A Daily Hygiene Practice For Its Ultimate Benefits and representing India on a Global platform for its ancient practices of mind science and spirituality.

How has eGrowth added value to your entrepreneurial / professional journey

There are many people who don’t have any connections. They simply don’t know the right people or the right resources. eGrowth helps us to find that by providing a platform to connect with like-minded people and a good networking group. As it’s truly important and essential for anybody coming from a non-business family. Because your business can’t grow until you know the right people and get the right support.

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

More visibility and understanding of emotional & mental health. So we can reach masses and bring the goodness of meditation in everyone’s life.

Please share what do you want to publish about eGrowth

I would like to publish about the overall approach of eGrowth on entrepreneurship. Creating an online platform, bringing people together, enhancing their skills and generating business opportunity. It’s a truly holistic platform for any aspiring entrepreneur. The most important part is that you don’t need to have got business in your DNA to start one with the help and support of a platform like eGrowth. People need to know about this.

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