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Coaching and training is my inner calling. I support organizations in building a high trust culture for high performance. My ideology is to adopt a holistic approach to well-being and leadership that promotes mind, body and spirit unification. I preach only what I strive to practice in my life.

I am a Holistic Wellness Coach, a Leadership & Behavioural Trainer, and an international author with Hay House. I have conducted programs across 25+ industries for 50+ leading global and national organizations, schools and colleges. To live life with boundless joy and immense fulfillment in service to mankind, is the quest that I embark on.

Share about your business

I had a vision to create a platform where passionately committed people facilitate transformational leadership in individuals and organizations. This lead to setting up my venture Thoughtful Engagement.

Our mission is to empower people with new views of themselves and others and their life from which superior performance and extraordinary quality of life emerges. We achieve this through our training coaching services and publishing books and blogs. Our powerful, innovative and immediately relevant programs enable the participants to attain their next level of success, fulfillment and self-mastery.

We mindfully engage with our clients with our highly customized interventions that have a measurable and long term impact on their people and business. We support our clients in breaking their barriers and to be the leader in those areas of their life that truly matter to them. How we stand out?

  • Relationship-based: Building a relationship based on trust, respect and empathy is the foundation of the services.
  • Result Orientation: Focused on clear objectives for the clients, and ensure that they are met effectively.
  • Synthesizing Cutting Edge Knowledge: Take the best of many behavioural sciences, strategies, models & approaches
  • Infotainment with transformation: Highly engaging, uplifting workshops aimed at sustainable changes

Share something from your Corporate career

Have worked in Corporate – Telecom software for more than a decade. Started my career with Bharti Telesoft that was eventually taken over by Mahindra group. By gaining varied experience in strategy development, people management, project management, content development, process consultancy and s/w development, the corporate life has been thoroughly enriching.

What was the inspiration for you start your own business or take up the career you are in?

The seed of my life’s work was planted in me during my second pregnancy. I discovered my deepest passion while designing and delivering a program –

“Your Life is your Design”

at Comviva where I was working as a Project Manager. For as long as I can remember, I had an obsession to work on myself and make things better. Eventually my desire to make things better became about making the lives of other people better. I always strive to adopt a holistic approach to life, and my work primarily focuses on enabling others to do so.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

My book – “A ‘New You’ for Your ‘New Baby” by Hay House has become internationally available now. As a Leadership and Behavioural trainer, 25+ industries benchmark was achieved within five years of setting up my firm.

Have been the pioneer in India as a “Holistic Pregnancy Coach” and as a Slimpowerment Coach.

Tripple Crown Award at Toastmasters International, First Claas Service award at CLAAS India, Woman of the Spirit Award at Heart & Soul Woman Rising, Mrs India Charity 2017, “Best Internal Trainer Award 2012-13” at Mahindra Comviva , “Best Team Award” and “Individual Excellence Award: at Bharti Telesoft in January 2006 for leading the project Kaun Banega Karorepati –Season 3 are some of jewels studded on my crown as a women entrepreneur and a corporate professional.

Have been covered by many newspapers and magazines and new channels like NCR News and SNI.

The difference you have made to others

Have trained 15,000+ people from all walks of life from entrepreneurs to doctors, to corporate professionals to faculties to students and many more. Have put my best efforts to support my clients in their holistic growth and self-mastery so that they become happier, more successful and fulfilled in their lives.

What do you want to be acknowledged for

For providing training and coaching services that tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and nurture the spirit of the clients. For helping leaders to build a culture of high trust and high performance in their organization.

For empowering women through their holistic development.

Anything else you wish to share

Want to put my best foot forward to make this planet a healthier through my revolutionary program – SlimPossible. Slimpossible provides a one stop solution for creating the body you desire, integrating ancient wisdom with modern weight loss trends, addressing all dimensions of well-being – physical, emotional and mental.

SlimPossible is not just another weight loss program. It is all about a permanent shift in your lifestyle that too which is doable and enjoyable.

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eGrowth is an integrated and dynamic ecosystem with a mission to empower and enable businesses, entrepreneurs and startups.

Yes, have tremendous respect and admiration for your team who put their best shot for supporting entrepreneurs to expand their business

Want to take my program SlimPossible to every city in India and eventually to the world. Want support in this regard from eGrowth.

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