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Mrs. PREETI KAPOOR 2nd March 2020 276Category: My Journey.(0)
Preeti Kapoor

Hi Preeti, please tell us about yourself

I am an enthusiastic person, a change maker, a self-made person, a power connector and a budding entrepreneur on a journey to touch maximum lives by adding value to businesses and generate income for women who are looking for opportunities of growth. Having an experience of working with corporate I come with a lot of experience in knowing what are their pain areas and help them overcome those.

Share about your business

We are an innovative Start-up who for the first time in India has introduced the concept of Virtual EA service. Its 2020 and we are progressive, we believe that it’s important and definitely the need of the hour to get hooked to the new ways of working which would not just give you great output but reduce your operational cost and it is not impossible. We are a live example of this.
Another highlight of our organization is ‘WOMEN’, we strongly believe in giving back to society and since inception, we are working on women empowerment by hiring only female staff

Share something from your Corporate Career

In my last association with one of the corporate, my boss had given me the powers of mini CEO and i was doing well enough to sustain my needs and my families needs, but there was something that kept hitting me that I was never meant for 9-5 jobs. one day i asked my boss to release me of my services he asked what next Preeti , i told him don’t know what next but will do something of my own that I can proudly call it my “baby”.

What was the inspiration for you start your own business?

The very intention of starting this venture was to create a market of virtual assistants and in turn generate employment to women who are talented have the right skill set but for some reason could not come back in main stream corporate.

What have been some of your achievements in your professional life?

I have been awarded as best trainer, have been awarded as best EA many times, and have always been acknowledged by bosses.

The difference you have made to others

Have been able to provide employment to 13 girls pan India over a period of one year

What do you want to be acknowledged for

For the lives that I touch

What support are you looking from eGrowth to build your business

looking for people who are stuck somewhere and looking for any help in their businesses

Please share something for eGrowth

I think it is a very good platform for entrepreneurs like us for getting some recognition that can change and take businesses

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